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The trucking industry has spent decades attempting to address the industry's high driver retention and burnout rates with little to no success. The Driving WELL Course is stepping in to address the often overlooked link between psychological factors and driver turnover. The video based program gives drivers simple but effective tools to improve their mental, emotional, and physical health.

Course Details

The course begins with each driver taking a simple burnout inventory. The inventory will give the driver concrete feedback on burnout potential. The course is then divided into seven video sessions, approximately 5-10 minutes in length. In each session, the driver will receive information, tools, and resources to help them better manage their mental and emotional health. At the end drivers will have the opportunity to take a brief quiz and receive a Driving WELL certificate.

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Course Curriculum

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  • Session 1 Introduction

  • Session 2 Anxiety

  • Session 3 Relationships

  • Session 4 Depression

  • Session 5 Physical Health

  • Session 6 Stress Management

  • Session 7 Personal Growth

What's Included

  • An unlimited number of driver and staff enrollments in the program for two years.

  • View course unlimited number of times from anywhere at any time (compatible with all devices)

  • Onboarding assistance for staff. 24-hour tool free help line.

  • Personalized company resource section. Which can include the companies EAP and medical numbers as well as toll free helpline numbers.

  • Certificate of completion for all drivers/staff. Organizations will also receive certificate to use for audits and compliance.

3 Easy Steps

Hassle Free User-Friendly Technology

  • Login Any Time On Any Device

    Drivers are on the go and need easy to use convenient technology. They can log in to the course from any device. All that's needed is a wifi connection.

  • Watch, Listen, Learn, and Grow

    Drivers will watch professionally designed, high-quality, engaging videos. Each session is packed full of tools and information.

  • Take Quiz and Get Certificate

    Each driver will receive a certificate of completion after taking a brief quiz. Organizations will also receive a certificate.

Data Driven Soultions

Addressing loneliness, family Issues, lack of respect, and mental health are keys

The Driving WELL program was developed with the collaboration of mental health professionals, experts in the transportation industry, and recommendations from evidence-based research. Research from the Supply Chain Management Research Center at Walton College of Business notes that the following "Firms can give social support through meetings, seminars, tension reducing programs, wellness programs, and skill development training."

89% Driver Turnover Rates. Let's Do Something About It.

Driving WELL is Here to Help!


The entire Drive WELL program can be purchased for a monthly subscription of $149.99 and can be used by an unlimited number of employees. Companies can also pay a discounted annual fee of $1619.89 for an unlimited number of employees. The program is designed to be used in conjunction with existing wellness programs or can serve as a stand-alone program. Give us a call today 210-523-4200 for more information.

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